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So, perhaps you have noticed, perhaps you haven’t, but I have moved back to my home turf for the foreseeable future. Home turf being somewhere in the continental US and usually up north somewhere. My time spent in the Netherlands was too short, and I will be endeavoring to return there as soon as I […]

Chain Reaction Cycles

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If you want what you ordered when you ordered it, do not use Chain Reaction Cycles. Despite their best efforts, they did not ruin my ride from London to random farm in Normandy, I did that all by my self by being aggressively out of shape. I started riding on bikes with coaster brakes as a kid, and then […]

Ride like the wind

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Or more like Ride into the wind. We are gearing up here to ride from London to Paris in a couple weeks, and since my average ride is about 15 minutes, I thought I would spend my afternoons off building up the distances. For me here in NL, I am left with a couple options […]

Hello world!

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Getting there, hold on!