Experimenting with with this spoke pattern on the first rear wheel built here in the Netherlands. The spoke pattern is the 3 leading and 3 trailing on a System Ex hub laced with 288mm Sapim Force double butted spokes to a Mavic 195 rim.

The bit that is the “experiment” is the actual lacing; the weave of the lace in fact. This particular pattern, when completely woven, puts loads of force on fairly bent spokes, they are not quite kinked, but well on their way to becoming that way. The 003NL front wheel has only one pair of spokes per fan on each flange woven, the pair which crosses furthest from the hub. On this wheel, however, the next set of spokes was also woven, creating a fairly ridged center on the fan, with the inner most pair of spokes going unmolested from hub to rim. I am testing to see how true it stays, and if it is a strong lacing pattern. So far, so good, have a look at the pattern details:



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