About a month back I discovered a small set of bikes in an older gentleman’s basement in Maine, USA. It took a bit to sort out the logistics of getting the bikes to my new shop (another living room in Boston MA, USA) but I have finally started to refurbish them. I am starting with the bike known as the “Starliner” a step-through frame Sears bike circa 1960. Tucked in between the top tubes and the down tube is a streamline accent piece that houses a front light. There is also a Tandem bike ~1958, that the gentleman purchased for his daughters from a rental company in NYC while stationed there. One of the daughters painted it yellow so I am unsure of the make, I might try to strip it back to bare steel and see where it takes me from there. Another bike, a three speed Higgens with a step-through frame. And last an older 10 speed, an A-D S (Austro-Daimler) from Austria.

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I will go into more detail on the individual project pages, looks like a lot of work to be had as most of the chrome has been eaten away by the sea salt air and the damp basement.

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