This version is outfitted with Mavic drop bullhorns, a Dirty Harry  lever strung to a Shimano 600 Ultegra front brake. The seat is a Brooks B17 Standard, which I just took off to oil. So far it is fairly quick, though I think a 15t cog at the rear would be a bit better suited to longer rides, but it is just fine for a 30 minute jaunt to the sea side.

On a personal note, the drop on the bullhorns is a bit far for me, I think a set of risers is in order. Took this picture near Zandvoort Circuit, somehow more peaceful here than 5 minutes away on the beach.

(Poor picture quality can be blamed on the economy)


And after a bit more refinement:


Another solid, hand built Dutch frame and fork built with Reynolds 531c; pieced together with the parts I had laying about. I then rode this bike around my neck of the woods for a few months and then from London to Paris. And it was a glorious ride. When I purchased the frame I was told it was a ’82 though after researching the frame number I believe it is a ’85. Selling this for rent, which is shameful as I think this is the best frame I have ever ridden. I will give it a clean before it goes in the box (been quite wet here in the Netherlands). On that note, Rent is in 10 days, so the sooner the better

Green Pedals
Paint is 28 years old and looks it (previous owner touched it up here and there, but does not match up with original fade)
Not my finest job putting new bar tape on/as soon as I did, got a smudge of grease on left grip….

Gazelle Champion Mondial AB frame 56 (AB frame info from Velobase: The AB-Frame has a slightly shorter wheel base than the A-Frame, but not as agressive as the AA-Frame or AA-Special. It is a pure bred racing machine, no mounts for fenders or racks present on the dropouts were standard on this model. The fork crown often has a Gazelle cut out, but otherwise the frame is all business with simple long point lugs. 70′s and 80′s models have the distinctive dutch style wrap around stays which are common to Gazelle frames and dutch built racing frames in general). 130mm rear spacing
Reynolds 531c tubing, makes for a lovely ride, very light the F+F and headset come in at 2.8 kg

Front wheel is a 4x with double butted Hoshi spokes on a MA2 rim laced to a Shimano 600 Ultegra hub, quick release
Or, if you’d like I have a front wheel built up with an older Shimano 105 36h, Mavic Omega 19 rim and DT Swiss straight gauge spokes laced in a 3 leading 3 trailing pattern and I can swap the tire over for you.

Rear wheel is a 3 leading 3 trailing with Sapim Force double butted spokes on a Mavic 195 rim laced to a nearly-new System Ex Fix/Fix hub (can re-lace to normal 3cross if you really are bothered about it for an extra fee)

Nearly new Pro-Lite Sardinia crank set; Maybe 500 miles
Nearly new BLB 17t rear sprocket; Maybe 500 miles or can bang a 15t Surly, used, on if you prefer
Nearly new Pro-Lite 46t chain ring; Maybe 500 miles
Nearly new SRAM chain; Maybe 500 miles
Cinelli Criterium bars (65-42), drilled fro internal cabling, scratches on mounting surfaces/where brakes were attached

Or I could swap them out for some Mavic drop bull horns

Cinelli AX 100mm stem (small patch of scratching due to inverted tinkering)
Shimano 600 BB
Shimano Dura ace headset

San Marco Rolls saddle, worn with a scratch, but not rips or tears.

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