So this is new, or well, it is actually from 1979. I picked this up for a dollar as a parts bike and so far, I have taken parts off of it.




So far I have taken off and rebuilt the carbs, though one of the bits has ceased inside the body and is now stuck for the foreseeable future (forever) which will require a person smarter/more determined than my self to remedy. Or a new right side carb…


Some animal made a home in my air box. Not sure now if I should just do away with the blasted thing and convert to pods, or keep it stock… pah stock… good one.



As far as stock is concerned, I am leaving the motor the way it is, though the carbs will have to be rejetted to compensate for pods and a new exhaust (which I have to make), new rear end, one shock instead of two sounds nice somehow, and maybe another, less awkward set of handlebars. Just for a start…

And to continue that start I have begun to strip it down. After replacing the battery and the starter solenoid and finding no life in the bike, I have decided to build a new harness. The wires are old and cracked and refuse to do anything other than turn on one set of indicator lights. Can’t wait to start that project… ┬áThe more I take off, the more I want to peel away. I want to make this thing front heavy, visually, with a cantilevered seat dangling out over the rear wheel, perched over the new suspension set up.



For fear of making this post 100 pages long, I am going to break it up. Will keep all the links here, but there will be separate pages for different steps taken.


The next step was not exactly mechanical. I needed a lift, so I built a table.




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